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Since 1996, Anna von Lipa has collaborated with the oldest and most prominent glass blowers in Europe, designing and manufacturing luxurious free-blown glass art. The glasswork is proudly produced in Bohemia, Czech Republic, the glass empire of Central Europe.

Jytte Correll


The beginnings

It all began in 1990’s with a family trip to Prague that would forever change our path. We discovered that the beautiful green country of Czech Republic, located in the heart of Central Europe, offers more than just captivating sceneries and an interesting history. The country is also center stage for Europe’s most exquisite glass art, historically as well as today.


Back to home

Back home in the Danish town of Sorø, the trip to the Czech Republic became a milestone for me and an important asset to my lifestyle shops around the Danish Countryside. In these endeavors we presented our first collection of glasses, amongst a repertoire of modern interior design, vintage and handicrafts.



In the following years our collaboration with some of the best glassworks and leading designers in the Czech Republic continued to grow. We took over a historic barley farm in the Northern part of the country, in the very heart of the Glass Empire of Bohemia, and bought a small renown glass factory in the town of Novy Bor.



The years went by, slowly and steadily, as our children grew up in Sorø. It was not till 2013 that it became feasible for Christian and I to take the leap and follow the dream of moving permanently to the farm in Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic. We established Anna von Lipa, relying on my experience and great interest in Art Deco and vintage interior.


Present days

In the present day, it is a joy for us to see Anna von Lipa represented in most of Europe. Inspiration and idea development arise organically when we get to spend our days amongst the most talented glass artists. We use antique, traditional forms and patterns and add a Scandinavian twist to suit the modern tastes.

Our designers

Jytte Correll

Jytte Correll is the founder of Anna von Lipa and the main designer. She has been designing since she graduated from VIA University College Campus Herning in 1988 and has experience with running her own design-shop for more than a decade. She has developed a keen and personal sense of colours and shapes and is always a part of the production starting from the drawing-boards to the final execution by the experienced glassmakers.

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About our glass

About our use of glass:
Glass is fantastic material. It is at once fragile and at the same time incredibly strong. Of course, it has a physical strength, withstand, for example, moisture, sun and frost. But it is just as strong in its artistic and aesthetic expression. The transparency and reflection of the glass creates depth when it plays with the light in refractions and reflections. Blowing glass is a fascinating and time-consuming process. The artist handles the glass when it is still liquid to when it is up to 1300˚ Celsius. Naturally, there are also challenges with glass and we have gathered the most common questions here.

Air bubbles
We call them charm bubbles. They naturally occur in the work-process when air is captured between the different layers of glass. A glass is blown by several layers and thus air bubbles are likely to form. Smaller air bubbles characterize handmade glass, and we do not consider it a deterioration in quality.

Tension in glass
Tensions can occur with temperature differences. To avoid these tensions, we cool the finished and still hot glasses very slowly. If the damage has occurred during the process, the glass is extremely fragile and can suddenly crack or burst at the slightest impact, and we naturally exchange it with a smile.

Care of glass
Our crystal glasses are machine-washable when subject to the following recommendations: - Use a short washing program, less than 60˚ celcius, without a drying programme. - Open the door of the washing machine so that water can evaporate and dry your glasses with a tea towel. - Our glasses are resistant to mild acids but not stronger acids like ”minus lime”, as well as various descaling agents that you usually buy in the household. Instead, we advise you use citric or acetic acid.

Natural colours
Our crystal glass is stained. A combination of traditions technology and earth minerals sums up our wide range of colors. Our bluish shades are achieved by adding the liquid glass mass Cobalt oxide. The green and brownish colors are associated with iron. Pink and Ruby with gold chloride. We love stained glass and are proud to work with talented glaziers who teach us to develop our very own colors from nature's treasure trove.

Our crystal glasses do not contain lead. We only produce environmental crystal. Lead-containing crystal glass is unsuitable for food and drink. In some of our designs where we place extra demands on strength, lightness and gloss, the element Barium is used. Especially for our mouth-blown wine collection “Lyon” and “Limoux”.